Imagine losing your home and loved ones so suddenly that you begin to look around for help only to find that those who could help you are in the same situation themselves.

This is the case for many people in Southern India who have suffered as a result of heavy floods. These floods have left many people homeless and have destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crops. This could also lead to a severe famine.

More than 250 people have died as a result. In one district alone, 520000 people have lost their homes, 34 mantels have been under water, 27 people died and 20000 hectares of crop was lost. It affected 3 more districts in a similar or bigger scale.

REAP has used the time and resources needed to provide relief for these families. However, natural disasters are sudden and usually happen at an unexpected time. REAP is asking for your help so that when chaos strikes, they are ready and able to provide the people with their basic needs.



ABN 57 102 400 993

Reap India is proud to be a partner for Project J116 with Global Development Group an Australian AusAid approved NGO carrying out approved aid and development projects with approved partners to relieve poverty and provide long-term solutions.

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