Orphan Homes

These boys would be left to roam the streets of India as they have no-one to take care of them and nothing to give them any kind of assurance. Even their next meal is uncertain. If there is no such ministry to take these children in and off the streets, they are vulnerable to all kinds of abuse. If these kids were left to roam the streets, they would struggle to survive. That is why when these children are found, they have attitudes and mind-sets that have been their way of adapting to a harsh environment.

The purpose of this ministry is to get orphans off the streets and into a home where they will be restored to good health. They will be provided with good food, better living conditions and will be enrolled into school and thereafter higher studies as per choices into various institutions to attain the desired professional degree. This hostel will enable them to better understand themselves, building their self-confidence so that they may reach goals and make amazing achievements throughout their lives.

We're sure that no matter the child; regardless of their past, they will get out of this hostel and be agents of change.

The main objective aims at holistic development of these children. Self reliance has been stressed. This has been implemented through "Vocational Courses" which have been incorporated in the program. This is crucial because as far as the Indian situation is concerned, it's not worth depending on the government for employment.

The children will be enhanced and strengthened through various capacity-building activities, regularly. This ministry aims at meeting all the necessary needs of these children so that they lack nothing. That is:

1) Physical needs,
2) Intellectual needs and
3) Spiritual and emotional needs.

The demand to take in more orphans is ever-increasing. Therefore, the hostel constantly needs support in order to continue taking care of these orphans, changing them and bringing in more so that their futures may change for the better.

However, the children who are in the care of this ministry at the moment are changing day by day. Their attitudes, actions and speech are being moulded for better under adult care and a loving environment.

Sponsor a child as $50 per child per month includes all expenses.

ABN 57 102 400 993

Reap India is proud to be a partner for Project J116 with Global Development Group an Australian AusAid approved NGO carrying out approved aid and development projects with approved partners to relieve poverty and provide long-term solutions.

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