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What if you were so poor that you couldn't afford one decent meal a day? What if you were capable of working but couldn't because you have no money and no experience? What if this life-threatening struggle never ceased but only effected generation after generation?

The purpose of this ministry is to "break the cycle of poverty".

300 million men, women and children live below the poverty line in India. This cycle can only be broken through committed people who are able to partner together to bring about real changes. Freeing these struggling people from the grip of poverty takes so much more than one or two meals. Rather, this ministry focuses on helping and equipping men and women to make their own living.

REAP wants to increasingly partner with people to tear down walls; allowing those in need to venture out. So they can move on to help themselves and then help others.

The effectiveness of these micro-projects (as designed by REAP) is ensured by working closely with the local church and the community.


REAP Micro-Projects

Micro-chicken farm:

REAP partners up with people like you to provide the initial set up of the micro-chicken farm (the use of the small amount of land needed is generally provided by the village or other locals). The cost of breaking this cycle of poverty among hundreds of people? $20,000. This includes a basic chicken shed, 500 one-day old chicks and feed for the first batch.

The chicks grow up to be 1.5-2kg chickens in 6-8 weeks. Then they can be sold in the marketplace for a profit of up to 200%. Some of this income can then be used to buy the next batch of chicks and feed to continue the process. As this process continues indefinitely, poverty stops and hope begins. All of this through community development partners.

Skills training

What if all that was needed to make the way for a brighter future was a bit of time spent on learning some skills?

REAP recognises this need and teaches poor people job skills which fit their circumstances. Mothers can stay at home with their children while they sew, and fathers receive the equipment, training and loans they need to establish themselves in a variety of trades.


ABN 57 102 400 993

Reap India is proud to be a partner for Project J116 with Global Development Group an Australian AusAid approved NGO carrying out approved aid and development projects with approved partners to relieve poverty and provide long-term solutions.

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