Jesus' disciples worked hard for the Kingdom of God, the truth about Jesus in their hearts was continually tested in practical and faith-demanding ways.
REAP hopes to build disciples the same way Jesus did. They do this by placing 7 willing, God-fearing people under the leading of a teacher/pastor for 1 year. They will live and work in that area as they build a church and learn practical aspects of prayer, evangelism, teaching and serving.

After maturing under solid teaching for one year, each member is then encouraged to go and make 7 more disciples in another village of India.

The example set for the New Testament church as portrayed in the book of Acts is used as a model to cause students and staff to multiply and empower many to continue the work of bringing light and life to communities throughout India.

REAP is committed to making disciples for Jesus Christ through Equipping, Empowering and Encouraging believers. There are 67+ Churches and our vision is to have 20,000 churches by AD 2020.

The ultimate goal is to train up strong leaders who will dedicate themselves to planting churches and making the gospel known. You can partner with this ministry by supporting a member for a month for just $50.

NOTE: many eager students travel to the city and live there to study sound doctrine but then refuse to put it into practice in the most needed areas (remote villages). This is because the luxuries of living in the city entice and drag them away. REAP's method of discipleship ensures kingdom work gets done where it's most needed in India.

Be a part of the great commission today!



Outreach Teams

Mobile outreach teams are design to enhance the ministry of "The Master's House" program, Church Planting, Teachers Training, Literacy Program and CDP.

Outreach team achieve their goals through Intercession and Worship, Spreading of the Gospel through open air, door to door visits.

Several teams are trusting God for the required finances to begin their full-time ministry. If you would like to be part of the wonderful blessings God will be pouring out on these teams, your partnership can provide the food, housing, and travel expenses for a team.

ABN 57 102 400 993

Reap India is proud to be a partner for Project J116 with Global Development Group an Australian AusAid approved NGO carrying out approved aid and development projects with approved partners to relieve poverty and provide long-term solutions.

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